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3.2. Exporting and Importing Contacts

Exporting Contacts from Google Contacts

Please make sure you are in Contacts. If you are not please click the Apps drawer in the top right corner of your Google mail page and select Contacts.


Once in Contacts select the group or the contact that you would like to export and click the "More" button along the top. This will open a drop-down menu. Next select export.

This will open a pop-up context window with a few options. In this example, I am going to export the group called "Tech" with the intent of being able to import it into another staff members contacts so I have chosen Google CSV for the format.

After clicking export you will have a file in your downloads folder called google.csv. That's it! You have successfully exported the selected contacts!


Sharing Your Exported Contacts

To share your exported contact simply attach it to an email by clicking on the paperclip button and browsing to your exported contacts file.

Once it is attached all you need to do is email it to the person or persons.

Importing Contacts

Once in Contacts click the "More" button along the top to open the drop menu and select Import. This will open a pop-up context menu. Click "Choose File" and browse to the location of the contacts you wish to import.

Once you click Import you will have a new group under "My Contacts" that will be named "Imported and the day's date". To rename the group you just imported select it and click the "More" button again. You can now select rename and name it what you wish.

That's it! You're done!

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